MATERIAL DESCRIPTION M300 Dual M300 Plus M200 Plus Inventure Endureal
Z–ABS ABS-based, multi-purpose, budget filament. Easy to post-process for both beginners and professionals.
Z–ASA Pro Z-ASA Pro 3D printing material is a stable thermoplastic designed to withstand adverse environments extending the life span of your models. The material is highly resistant to changing weather conditions and UV light, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications.
Z–ESD Z-ESD* filament gives your models electrostatic discharge protection particularly useful in the electronic industry. Its surface resistivity ranging from 10^6 to 10^9 Ω/sq eliminates the risk of damaging sensitive electronic devices. The filament protects your models against most acids, alcohols, and weak alkalies.
Z–FLEX Z-FLEX is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer that can be 3D printed at a relatively fast rate of 45 mm/s. The filament has great interlayer adhesion and dimensional tolerance falling below +/- 0.02 mm. Z-FLEX is elastic, can bend without breaking, and is resistant to various chemicals including gasoline, ethyl alcohol, butane, and carbon monoxide.
Z–GLASS With Z-GLASS semi-transparent filament you can 3D print light-transmitting final parts and precise prototypes. The material lets you replace brittle glass with resilient thermoplastic. Z-GLASS is durable and resistant to scratching. Moreover, the material withstands exposure to salts, acids, bases, and solvents. That’s why it’s ideal for industrial prototyping in automotive industry and design.
Z–HIPS Z-HIPS filament is best for 3D printing large models. Its durability makes it perfect for prototyping machines and functional testing. Compared to standard High Impact Polystyrene, Z-HIPS has been modified to provide your 3D prints with unique semi-mat finish. The material’s surface quality is on par with surfaces of mass produced items.
Z–NYLON Very strong, versatile filament resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. It can be post-processed with tools meant for machining metals. The material is easy to paint and hard to break.
Z–PCABS A blend of ABS and polycarbon. Can easily withstand impacts, UV light, high temperature, and time. It’s also resistant to salts, acids, and other chemicals.
Z-PEEK Z-PEEK is one of the strongest polymers on the planet. It has strength-to-weight ratio comparable to stainless steel and exceptional thermal properties. The material can withstand thermal-cycling in vacuum chambers used for space-qualification tests, radiation, or wear in over 22 million cycles in PEEK-steel gear pairs working at 1600 rpm. Z-PEEK is also employed in viation, oil industry, and in advanced mechanical engineering applications.
Z-PEI 1010 Z-PEI 1010 is a blend of PEI which is slightly stronger than Z-PEI 9085 and with higher heat deflection temperature. The material can withstand temperatures reaching 208 °C. It is also harder than Z-PEI 9085 which makes it perfect for scenarios where high rigidity is of paramount importance. Moreover, it offers broad chemical resistance to automotive fluids, fully halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, and aqueous solutions among others.
Z-PEI 9085 Z-PEI 9085 is a durable, aerospace-grade polymer with strength-to-weight ratio comparable to aluminum 6061. This filament consists of polyetherimide with a polycarbonate copolymer blend. Z-PEI 9085 exhibits excellent thermal properties and retains its properties in temperatures reaching 167 °C. The most notable property of Z-PEI 9085 is very low FST (Flame, Smoke, Toxicity). The material has a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating which makes it perfect for printing flame-retardant components.
Z–PETG Filament based on PET with glycol addition. Can withstand UV light and passage of time. The material is also exceptionally resistant to oils and other greases.
Z–PLA Z-PLA filament guarantees precise 3D printing of complex models. This biodegradable 3D printing material is made of environment-friendly components. Z-PLA is perfect for models with superior details and exceptionally smooth surface. High hardness and very low shrinkage make the material well suited for 3D printing high-quality parts, and consumer goods.
Z–PLA Pro PLA-based, biodegradable filament. An addition of chalk gives its surface a unique mat finish and more visible details with gypsum-like texture. Very low shrinkage, almost no warping.
Z–SEMIFLEX Semi-flexible TPU filament. It’s resistant to tearing, wearing, and high temperatures. The material can bend without breaking like Z-FLEX but has higher rigidity.
Z–ULTRAT Durable and lasting ABS -based filament. Its surface can be easily post-processed with acetone and mechanical treatment. Available in a wide range of colors.
Z–ULTRAT Plus Z-ULTRAT Plus is a highly resilient ABS-based 3D printing filament. It’s perfect for functional prototypes or 3D printing complex moving mechanisms in one go. No matter the purpose, objects created with Z-ULTRAT Plus remain dependable through time. What’s more, this 3D printing material is unaffected by high temperatures and impacts.
BASF Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 BASF Ultrafuse® PAHT CF15 is an industrial-grade filament with a special formulation consisting of a polyamide base and a 15% addition of micro-carbon fibers. Thanks to that, the filament combines the durability of nylon with rigidity of carbon fiber, while still retaining easy processability. This high-performance filament shows high stiffness, high dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. What’s more, PAHT CF15 withstands the temperatures reaching up to 145 °C. The filament is a perfect fit for projects in engineering, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and other industries working in harsh conditions.
BASF Ultrafuse® PP GF30 BASF Ultrafuse® PP GF30 is a polypropylene-based composite filament reinforced with a 30% addition of glass fiber. It is one of the most frequently selected materials in various industries, especially in the automotive sector. It is characterized by extremely high stiffness and resistance to heat, UV light, and chemicals. This industrial-grade filament is incredibly lightweight and provides high dimensional accuracy to printed parts. It will work best when printing functional prototypes intended for demanding tests in unfavorable and humid environment. In addition, the filament is perfect for printing structural items as well as tools and fixtures.
Z-SUPPORT ATP Soluble support filament designed with high thermal stability in mind. Unlike materials based on PVA or BVOH, it does not dissolve in water but in a mild alkaline called Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator.
Z-SUPPORT High-Temp Z-SUPPORT High-Temp is a breakaway support filament designed to withstand high temperatures necessary for printing polymers like Z-PEEK, Z-PEI 1010, or Z-PEI 9085. The material ensures high rigidity when the printing process is underway to guarantee appropriate stability to the structures of the model. When the printing is done and the model cools down, Z-SUPPORT High-Temp becomes more brittle which makes support removal easier
Z–SUPPORT Premium Z-SUPPORT Premium is a water-soluble support filament made of butenediol vinyl alcohol co-polymer (BVOH). It’s compatible with Z-GLASS, Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-PLA Pro, and Z-ULTRAT Plus, as it can work in a relatively wide range of printing temperatures. Z-SUPPORT Premium has a very fast dissolution rate and leaves no remnants on the model.