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NX enables you to freely use any modeling technique that fits your design challenge with wireframe, surface, solid and direct modeling solutions. Powered by Siemens’ groundbreaking synchronous technology, NX unites feature-based parametric and history-free modeling in the same environment. Designers can use NX to modify design geometry initially created on other CAD systems or by other modeling techniques.

NX includes process-specific modeling tools and workflows that deliver built-in expertise for routing, sheet metal, automotive design and other design tasks. You can leverage your product and process knowledge and industry best practices with knowledge-enabled design. NX helps you capture and re-use knowledge in the form of high-level product structures, templates, frequently used design elements, engineering rules and validation checks to reduce design costs and improve design quality.


With NX, tool designers can share the same software environment as product and part designers and NC programmers. This enables the overall process to be faster and more efficient. Changes can be implemented more easily and with fewer errors. Wasteful re-entry of data is eliminated and multiple users can share the same 3D data. The tool designer, NC pro­grammer and manufacturing engineer can begin work even before the prod­uct design is complete.

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NX Progressive Die Design software delivers a state-of-the-art solution that enables progressive die manufacturers to shrink their leads times and tighten their cost controls. By combining indus­try knowledge and best practices with process automation, NX Progressive Die Design streamlines the die development process, from design through to tool validation. NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for quality die design, supporting associativity with the part design at every stage of die development and including a variety of functions specific to automotive pro­gressive dies.


The NX Mach™ Series software offers preconfigured solutions targeted to spe­cific product development disciplines and problems. You can extend and enhance the functionality of the Mach Series with add-on modules. These add-ons enable you to configure your solutions to spe­cific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, program­ming and customization toolkits and direct translators.

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NX CAM delivers real differences through key capabilities such as its advanced programming, postprocessing and simulation functionality. Each NX module provides more than the standard functions you expect from typical CAM pack­ages. For example, the integrated machine tool simulation is driven by output from the NX postprocessor rather than just tool path data. As a result, NX provides higher-accuracy machining validation right inside its CAM System.